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Occasion of Muharram

The martyrdom of Imam Husayn (A) and Ali Asghar(A)

The martyrdom of Imam Husayn (A) and Ali Asghar(A)

Some of Imam’s followers were alive till noon in Ashura and performed a group prayer. Since morning, each of the followers who was martyred, Imam put him in the martyrs’ tent and went to the injured ones and even tried to solace his family at that time of crisis. Umar Sads army, seeing Imam’s sadness for losing his followers found that Imam could not fight with these great sadness and grief and they would be able to attack him easily.

It is quoted that Imm saw 72 of his followers martyred. He called “Sakineh, Fatemeh, Um Kulthum Salute to you”. The women started crying. Imam asked them to be quiet. Then told necessary matters to Imam Sajad, and asked Zeinab (A) to bring the infant to him to farewell. He embraced the six months old infant to kiss him but at the moment Harmaleh-Ibn-Kahel Asadi shot an arrow to his throat. Imam gave the infant to his sister, Zeinab, and spread his blood, which was running from his body, to the sky. Then he dug a tomb and buried Ali Asghar. Then farewelled the women. Sakineh who was so dear for Imam ran to him. Imam embraced her and said “after my death you will cry a lot so do not make me sad by your tears now”.

Then Imam went to the battle and killed a lot of enemies. Umar Sad, seeing the situation shouted “you are fighting with Ali’son who killed the brave Arabs. I swear by God that he has got his father’s spirit,” so “attack him as a group”. They attacked Imam who was thirsty, tired, hungry and had faced such great grief and sorrows.

He did not go far from the tents for two reasons: 1. He was aware that the enemy was so nasty that they might attack the women therefore, he wanted to be near the tents as long as he could. So that nobody could bother the women and children. 2. He wanted his family know that the was alive and be mitigated. He advised them not to go out of the tents till he is alive. The enemy army encircled him and some of them went towards the tents. Imam cried out thee Abi Sufyan’s followers, if you do not have a religion, be aware of the dooms day, and be magnanimous. Shimr said “What do you mean, Fatima’s son?” Imam said I am fighting you, prevent your rebellious men’s invasion to the women till I am alive.

Shimr shouted at the army to convert form the tents and attack him. He fought bravely so that because of thirst, he went to Furat river. Umar Sad tried to block him but he could reach the river through the enemies. He tried to give water to his horse. At the same time that one called “you are drinking water while the enemy attacks your family”. He moved towards the tents without drinking water but found that it was a trick so that he could not drink water to be fresh, but they were not aware that he would not drink as his followers were martyred thirsty.

He farewelled his family once more and asked them to be patient and reminded them of the good rewards in the promised world. He told them to be ready for the disaster. He also said “God will protect you and preserves you from the enemy (He was sure that his family would be safe), you will be lucky and your enemy will suffer the tortures, so do not complain”.

He turned to the enemy and they attacked him by arrows. A man called Abulutfash shot an arrow to his majesty’s forehead. He took it out and as the blood was running on his face he continued fighting and said “God you see what they are doing to me, so do not forgive them”. He said the enemy “I hope God will bestow me martyrdom and make you inferiors and make you enemies for each other and offer you a great torture.” His prayer was accomplished and they fought each other as Kufa which was a glorious city got ruined and Mokhtar could revenge them.

He fought while having so many injuries, two of them were serious scares. He fainted and at this time, a stone hit his forehead and then a three pointed arrow fierced his chest, he pulled the arrow out and let his hand fill with the blood and said “I will meet the prophet with these hands and let him know they killed me”. Malek-Ibn-Sar hit his forehead by a sword as swearing him. The blood was running from his head. His majesty bandaged the scar with a piece of cloth. Then asked his family to bring him extra clothes to wear under his clothes so that if they tried to take his clothes after his death he wont be naked. Even in this condition he tried to fight the enemy and Shimr ordered them to fire Sauad. Zeinab who saw the scene shouted at Umar Sad “Owe to you they are killing Husayn(A) and you are watching” It is quoted that he turned his face away form Zeinab. Zeinab told the enemy “Is not there a Muslim among you?” At this moment Saleh-Ibn Vahab-Al-Yazani hit him by a spear. Imam fell down from the horse and hit the ground but could stand up. Zeinab cried out “My brother, my master, my family I wished the sky would ruin and collapse on the ground, I wished the mountains would scatter and spread on the desert. Shimr asked his men to kill him, but the enemy was afraid of him and thought it might be a trick. They tried to check the issue. So some of them went towards the tents and some called “Are you alive Husayn? They attacked your tents.” They were aware that if it were a trick his majesty could not bear it and be quiet. He could stand up with difficulty and said “Thee Abn Sufyan followers, if you do not believe in the doomsday, and are not religious, you may be liberates.”

Being sure that Imam has really fallen on the ground, they attacked him. Umar Sad asked Khuli to behead him but he was trembling, so Shimr beheaded Imam. Then the enemy took his clothes out. The sky was really dark as if an immediate disaster was going to happen.

They put Imam’s head on top of a spear and moved in the cities among the people, although they knew he was one of the prophet’s family.

As quoted by Imam Bagher “They killed the prophet’s son by arrow, sword, and stone and rode on their horses on his body “That, you are prohibited to do with the animals.

Imam Husayn visited the tents after the last farewell so his family were still waiting for him to come and hear his voice and see his face, but suddenly they heard his horse’s (Zoljaneh) sound. They thought his majesty has come again but they saw it’s saddle was hanging. It was smeared itself with Imam’s blood, neighed and hit the ground. It is quoted it did so utill it died.


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