The organizations objectivesare:-

a)      To help those who experience in the spread of Islamic in Uganda.

b)      To establish employment opportunities to those who complete these studies and search for organizations to help them in similar fields.

c)      To preach Islamic culture and AHLUL- BAIT.

d)      To establish and maintain mosques, schools and libraries in Kampala and elsewhere in Uganda.

e)      To publish Islamic magazines.

f)       To promote academic, religious and Islamic places to the people.

g)      To teach ordinary imams and Arabic teachers in Kampala and Uganda at large.

h)      To encourage the spirit of Islam in Uganda.

i)        To facilitate educational programs through seminars.

j)        To train other people in different fields of religion of Islam and academic affairs.

k)      To set up projects to educate people in sanitary matters (hygiene).

l)         To train, carryout the responsibility of children protection and counseling.

m)    To collaborate with the government for the association developments.

n)      To search and engage with professional advisers for success work.

o)      To seek for educational programs abroad.

p)      To cooperate with investors for new ideas and support to the association.

q)      To support people making pilgrimages to holy places.

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