The organization’s activitiesare:-

·         Teaching in schools and through media.

·         Preaching in mosques and Husseiniyyat.

·         Visiting Shia centers etc.

·         Cultural visits.

·         Books translation and writing of the articles.

·         Holding of religious functions.

·         Convention of scientific seminars.

·         Annual general meeting.

The organization has registered success in the qualitative approach in its preaching activities.

It tirelessly worked on the shift of the approach from the verbal to material method.

In terms of service provision to villages like the clean water supply.

Therefore the Tabliq took two parts:

1)      The first path: Verbal preaching which is carried out by a structure of sheiks through sermons, seminars and teaching in schools and universities.

2)      The second path: The viable work; which takes the practical Tabliq and includes the social projects , the anti-illiteracy and adult education, public health that includes  the provision of clean water and distribution of feast-meat.

3)     The path of investment and development: Theaim is to turn idle labor into productive ones, and the poor families into ones with income, and this is the only way to solve a persistent unemployment problem among the Shia.


1)      The library:it holds thousands of books and Islamic sources , donated from sister Islamic organizations

2)     Digging of four boreholes in three districts:-2 in Butambala, 1 in Kyga, and 1in Mayuge districts.

NB. The organization intends to establish a cultural new letter soon in the names of,       “AL WILAAYA”











Imam Swadiq mosque



Swadiq School


The school is Shia faith religious founded school based on over two acres of land in the Makindye suburb of Kampala at 6km from city centre,

Hauzatul  Imam Ja’far Al sawdiq (as).


By the gress of almighy Allah and the  Barakat blessing of  Ahlul bayt (as) the  enetgetic Hauza is booming, with active 12 youth (male students) from the age of  15 to 24. The institution offers  Islamic Shia studies on  mordern seminary curriculum. It s main subjects, are Fiqihul Islamiyah, Quran, Aqaaedul Islamiyah,Tarekh Akhlaq and Hadiith.

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