Birth day celebrations of Amiirol momenin Ali ibn Abi Talib(AS)
Birth day celebrations of Amiirul mumenin Ali ibn Abi Talib(AS) by UISA in AL Mustafa Islamic college in Kampala
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Alumni Annual Meeting
General assembly for Alumnae AL Mustafa International University
Alumni’s perform visit Al Mustafa Islamic College in Kampala
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Quds Day
UISA joins the rest of the world in celebrations of the International Quds Day. In views of Imam Khomeini (ra).
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Fatimah Death Anniversary
Al Mustafa Alumni joined the rest of the Muslim world to mourn the death of Fatimah the daughter of prophet Muhammad (SAWW), the college hosted different people from the Iranian embassy in Uganda , the Iranian Cultural Center, different Mosques, the Khoja representatives, Alumni’s and all staff and students of the Al Mustafa Islamic college of Uganda
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UISA joins the rest of the world to commence the 10days of Muharram.
UISA joined the rest of the world during this period of sorrow to relive the events of Islam salvation, but also ponder on a great shame that has darkened the pages of Muslim History, That will keep on hovering over the fidgeting attempts of the apologists of those who perpetrated it.
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